Putting a stop to the ‘more hours’ easy option

Evaluate your practices and seek a better life

‘More hours’ is far too often the ‘easier’ route. The result? Lack of life!

As professionals, we often solve our problems by working more hours.

For example, a client job blows up and a relatively straightforward change order request gets overlooked. You just have to get the job done so put in extra hours at night or over the weekend. It’s a drain emotionally and mentally and when the time comes to call the client, too much worked-back time has been logged. Commonly team members could be better trained, we don’t meet budgets and just put in the hours and write it all off. Technology, which is meant to streamline our efforts, often works against us so we stay late.

At some point you need to evaluate your practices and seek a better life allowing discretionary time away from work to pursue other interests. If you’re a victim of this scenario, ReNew Group can help you change your professional ways by breaking the habits that enable underperforming team members; serves clients unprofitably and neglects investment in the firm.

Turning theory into practice – what CPA firms say about working with ReNew Group

Shannon has gotten to know me and what is important to my business.  Other consultants seem to have a “one size fits all mentality”, which is not the case with Shannon.  He not only takes the time to listen and learn about the issues facing me and my business, he helps formulate a plan to solve the issues that arise.  Shannon also is quick to respond to issues that arise and has a great amount of hands on experience in public accounting that he draws upon to provide examples and solutions.  He stays in touch with the profession through a network of people and resources that he has developed over the years, which is very beneficial.  We stay on the forefront of the profession as a result. –Bobby Medlin CPA

I really enjoyed the workshop last Friday. I thought the presentation was great – it was motivational and thought-provoking. Lunch was equally as great – Jackie outdid herself. Then to top it all off, you almost hosted a “perfect game” at the ballpark! Anyway, I really enjoy the monthly conference calls and the group of CPAs that you have put together to participate in the calls and meetings like last Friday. Thanks for bringing me in to the group. – Beth Attebery, CPA, Tax Manager & Principal, The Henry Levy Group, Oakland

Your presentation was great.  It really spoke to the issues the firms are facing.  You clearly get it and also know the battles they face on a day to day basis.  Great how to’s. -Teresa Mason, Managing Partner, Collins Mason & Company

Shannon has helped me work fewer hours, which I choose to spend with my family, and make more money.  His guidance has also allowed me to focus more on managing my practice and plan more strategically.  Shannon has provided exposure to a wide, yet unique, variety of topics important to running a practice to which most practitioners typically wouldn’t be exposed.  An example would be the presentation and discussion on different types of personalities which prove useful in managing people within a practice.  The range of help Shannon provides is limitless as he seems to have something to contribute in every area, ranging from pricing to human resources to technology. –Ryan Cook CPA

Shannon Vincent’s ideas have helped my firm increase its profitability year after year, but his work involves much more than profit improvement.   Because Shannon understands the industry and the challenges that face most practitioners, he helps you design the firm of your dreams – one that best serves customers, employees, and owners.  -Tom Janney CPA

ReNew Group helped us focus on the business of accounting, worked to align the owner’s vision for the firm with a collaborative, 5-year strategic plan, and helped us make the tough decisions, hire the right people and price our services in a way that focuses on providing value and not just the number of hours.  The changes required for us to build a leading accounting firm were huge and took time and patience.  These changes didn’t happen overnight and were brought about through the experienced coaching offered by Shannon.  He introduced the concept of ‘No financial surprises. Period’, which serves as a guide for our team in the way they communicate with our clients.  He taught us to focus on the #1 client, our team and our firm, because without these components we can’t effectively serve our external clients.  He helped us build a firm designed to attract and retain quality people; one with the interests of the younger generation in mind.  We’ve worked with other consultants, but none with the experience specific to the accounting profession.  His offer is unique, timely and essential to the future of our firm. -D. Scott Hunt CPA

Shannon’s style is dynamic and engaging.  He speaks our language in a clear and memorable style.  – Michael Daren, 13 Partner Firm