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Considering if an industry speaker can enhance your business in 2014?

Already thinking about 2014?

Wondering if an industry speaker might add value to your business planning process?

Accounting industry speaker and recognized expert Shannon Vincent at work

ReNew Group delivers industry topics which are relevant and timely to CPA firms.

Often an external speaker who is a recognized industry expert can deliver information with fresh eyes and provide insights that you don’t normally have when running a firm on a day-to-day basis.

To that end, we’d appreciate if you could let us know your budgeting and planning requirements for external speakers – either short or long format presentations – in 2014?

If there is a formalized process to which we need to submit information in advance, do let us know as we’d be grateful of the opportunity to apply.  Read More…

Adapting to and methodically embracing technology

Technology will continue to displace jobs and if we want to excel we need to continue to adapt and methodically embrace!

Technology continues to displace jobs. If we want to excel we need to continue to adapt and methodically embrace it!

I attended the Xero conference in San Francisco last week and a number of firm leaders have gone back to their firms gung-ho to implement!

However, what they are finding is resistance from their team members (sometimes this is disguised as “our clients won’t like it.”)

My suggestion is to take one small step back and make change a core value or core competency in your firm.  Read More…