Maximizing your firm’s performance starts with what YOU want and believe

Shannon Vincent ReNew Group LLCReNew Group is your Strategic Thought Partner. Because of the in-depth way in which we work with CPA firms and key stakeholders, we only take on a select number of clients allowing us to concentrate on the following three business conditions:

  1. We get you to do the things you don’t normally have the time, confidence, knowledge, resources or know-how to do
  2. Based on your priorities, we work with you to achieve real gains and identify where significant downsides should be avoided
  3. Respectfully  referred to by many of our existing clients as their ‘Partner without the Baggage’, we ensure that you circumvent complacency in all its forms and treat your firm as if it is your Number #1 client

With a deep understanding of your firm that we only obtain through our unique assessment and due diligence, we work with you to:

  • Drive firm profitability with the 7 Key Profit Drivers
  • Make your firm the #1 client to improve client service and grow your firm
  • Learn how to create profitable clients (and more of them)
  • Create a profitable and growing niche
  • Create operational infrastructure for growth and succession
  • Build alignment and leadership around your firm’s direction
  • Create a culture of accountability
  • Eliminate old beliefs that hold your firm back from thriving in a new world



check tickAssessing the direction of a firm allows us to focus on where the greatest scope for improvement exists. This often begins with an assessment. The objectives are to determine where the firm is profitable, key leverage points and areas of weakness. ReNew Group’s assessment comes together in the development of a comprehensive Growth Plan; a blueprint with specific implementation recommendations tailored for your firm.


consultantWe start with discussion of your personal goals and revenue growth objectives to determine if we can help you achieve them. We discuss the optimal working relationship, which could include an assessment; review or development of a growth plan; or know-how transfer using various techniques such as advice and counsel, presentations, coaching, workshops or strategy sessions.

Capability Due Diligence

jigsaw puzzleIf you are going to expand your offerings to the market through Management Consulting, CFO Services or Wealth Management, we will assess your capabilities and match you with the appropriate business partner to grow revenue and profit. We will perform detailed diligence and suitability to set your firm up for maximum success.


Couple Playing TennisIf you know there is potential within your business but, for some reason, you are not capitalizing that potential and do not know why or how, we are here for you.  Every elite athlete or business leader has a coach. ReNew Group provides expertise, process and accountability.


hands paintReNew’s CPA Community gives our members unique access to advanced and relevant training programs, powerful online resources and shared templates, processes and regularly updated resources.  Further, we’re a community of high-performing firms who consistently and willingly share our best and most successful strategies and tools.

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