The only boundaries that exist for your firm are in your mind!

Groomer Trimming DogI went to get my haircut last week and the stylist (hold jokes please) who happens to be the owner told me her business coach she said she “had” to work with this firm who is in Nebraska

Pretty cool right?  Berkeley salon owner… has a local business coach who recommends a firm in Nebraska that has a salon niche.

There are a number of things I found interesting about this…

  • She completed a questionnaire (on their website) then submitted to the firm’s assistant.  She did NOT see that as an issue.
  • She did not care where the firm was located.  “We’ll use Skype and phone”.
  • Importantly, she was attracted to the focus of the firm on growing Salons….

The firm has a few niches.  Please note the following:

  • They have a specific section of their site dedicated to the niche which includes a blog, presentations, event calendar and testimonials.
  • They participate in the industry on a national basis.
  • They also ask critical questions that demonstrate understanding of the industry!
  • The “Getting Started with Us Page” includes a guarantee that the prospect will be satisfied with their services.

Good stuff!

2 Comments to The only boundaries that exist for your firm are in your mind!

  1. So true. This is a big lesson to all.

    Gauging from the blog image, I think the stylist is leaving your hair a bit long around the nose and ears, is she not?

  2. ReNew Group says:

    Hi Steve, (Wendy here) Shannon wouldn’t sit still long enough in the chair to pose for a photo so we had to ask the prettiest lady in the salon!

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