Technology, labor supply and attitude shift impacts accounting firms and the roles people play

Technology, supply of labor, and a shift in traditional attitudes has dramatically impacted the accounting firm and, most importantly, the roles people play at all levels.

Accounting firms do more with less meaning at all levels accountants do varied things from varied locations. People do their work from home, the office, client sites and the coffee shop.

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The new world of a flat accounting firm, along with a rapidly changing business climate, punishes fixed skills and rewards flexible ones. What those in accounting firms do stretches across functional boundaries including client service, sales, project management and workflow driven almost exclusively with technology.

In short, everyone in a firm must do everything.

The days of the junior team member who didn’t know how to sell are over. The days of the administrative assistant who was not proficient in Microsoft Office and your Practice Management Systems are gone. Finally, the days of the partner who has not embraced technology are numbered. Everyone must up their skills in the areas of sales, communication and technology in order to excel in today’s environment!

The reality is most firms are struggling to set proper expectations and provide the proper training.

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