4 Major Milestone Shifts

Many practitioners and partners experience a seminal moment as they move towards 50 or shortly thereafter where four major shirts occur

  1. time fliesYou realize your time on earth is finite! That is, you have had many successes, made many mistakes and for someone who ‘feels’ their time is finite you know there are some things that have to change! The sense of urgency you have been waiting for (or avoiding) has finally arrived.
  2. You have not made enough money. For the hours, stress and risk have endured you think you would be making more money. You have held onto that underperforming team member too long, held on to too many small clients, a good client went bankrupt or it always seemed like this year was going to be your breakthrough year. Did not happen.
  3. You have not saved enough money. Kids in college, perhaps a divorce or house remodel. Whatever the reason, retirement is going to be a stretch. The good news is that it isn’t too late but you need to get your act together this year!
  4. There are some other things you want to do. Let’s face it working 2,300 to 2,500 hours per year does not leave a lot of time other things outside of the firm and family. To boot, the accounting profession is gritty and we have solved many of our problems (insecurities) by working more hours and as a result have not pursued some other things we want to do. It could be golf, playing an instrument, travel or spending more time with family. Whatever it is …you have desire and urgency to have a more balanced life.

Sound familiar?

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