Time to consider firing some clients?

Time to sweep your client base with a clean broom?

Time to sweep your client base with a clean broom?

As you work through the individual filing deadline and prepare for next year  it may be time to consider firing some clients?

As you know, I’m not a fan of firing clients.  I am a fan of upgrading clients.  With that said, there is a time and place for firing clients.  Ric Payne (former employer/mentor of mine) used to tell a story that at age 50 he calculated the number of working hours he had left and he decided he no longer wanted to work with any turds (his word).

My point is as you go through your pricing (which should be already calendared for after October 15th) for next year you may want to consider letting go of some clients (can be huge morale booster for the team).

Here are some reasons to fire a client other than price or collections:

  1. The client treats you or your team members poorly (after you have asked them not to).
  2. They don’t fit your business model i.e. shoe box return, projects that don’t meet your staffing model.
  3. Violate your Core Values. No need to elaborate here.
  4. Drama creators by failing to plan or other reasons.
  5. You cringe when you get a phone call or email from them.
  6. You always dread interacting with the client.

Of course, this is just a start. What are some other reasons to fire a client?

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