Success is a Habit


Success is a habit

Success is a habit

As we ramp up for sales season I want to remind us all that success is a habit.  I have sat in on some calls/debriefed many and I still believe we have room for improvement on the fundamentals.



Here are a few tips for the upcoming sales season:

  • Stand Up for every call.  It can’t hurt and in the majority of cases it will help.  It will raise your energy levels, your “voice” and eliminate sounding monotone.
  • Know the outcome before the call.  Put another way, don’t make a call (irrespective of where the prospect is in the sales cycle) without knowing exactly what YOU want out of the call and what the next step will be.
  • Set an agenda/up front contract for every call.  No agenda, no purpose, no agreed upon outcomes, no reason to do the call.
  • Use bullet points and numbers.  Technology is complicated.  Be sure to try to keep it simple by using bullet points and numbers to define agendas, value propositions and next steps.
  • Talk business and personal and sell IT.  You must understand their business and personal objectives.  You need to document these and refer back to them.
  • Summarize where the firm is at the beginning and ending of every call.  This will help reduce confusion and ambiguity.
  • Take control by asking questions.  Always control the sales process by asking questions.
  • Use your resources.  Your peers, the website and the leaderships team is all here for you.  Use them.

In summary, success is a habit.  Don’t be lazy.  Be intentional, do your homework and lead.  You and your prospects will be happy with the results.

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