Is the Tax Appointment Dead?

Is the Tax Appointment Dead?

Is the Tax Appointment Dead?

I have the privilege of working with firms and people from many different areas of the country with extremely diverse business models.  One consistent theme with the firms that generate the most profits… They DO NOT meet with their B and C clients during tax season.  Alarming?

Here’s what you already know.  You need to be talking with your A clients all year round.  Tax planning, financial planning, wealth management, you name it!

As for tax appointments with your B’s and C’s…  Yes, I think you can/should meet with them but WHY does it need to be during tax season.  I don’t need to remind you that it is the busiest time of your year.

Most tax appointments are centered around looking at tax documents and reviewing things you should have done or could do to reduce a tax liability (most of which should be done in the Fall).

The fact is you do NOT need to meet with your clients to review their tax documents.  Yes, they may want to meet with you but it doesn’t have to be to review tax documents. Also, the fact is you could meet with those clients in the fall when you have more time (increase revenue) and provide better financial and tax planning (and ask for referrals!).

Further, if you make the significant mistake of entering information into the tax software in front of the client please stop. My friend and well respected consultant said having your client watch you complete the tax return is like watching sausage being made.   You get the point.

In summary, I am not suggesting that you don’t meet with your B clients.  I am telling you to meet with them in the fall and convert some to A clients and referral sources.  It’s worth a try isn’t it?  Hopefully, this idea makes your list of tax season improvements you are working on with your team.

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